An Answer to a Vicious Attack

by Claude Garrod February 5, 2010

On January 28 Gail and Martin Rubin wrote a venomous attack on a number of people and organizations in Davis. In their nearly 900-word article there were about as many errors as sentences. Therefore, I can't reasonably request that this paper provide me with sufficient space to adequately refute all the inaccuracies in that article. I will just give three typical cases and then strongly urge the readers to consult our website ( where they'll find a more complete response.

The Rubins clearly state that the historian Norman Finkelstein is a "holocaust denier." This is an incredible outrage since it is well known that, at the end of WW II, both of Finkelstein's parents were rescued from a Nazi death camp. It was because of that family history that Finkelstein has exposed those well-funded organizations that have used the holocaust to raise huge funds (in the billions) that never found their way to alleviating the problems of the surviving victims of the holocaust.

The Rubins describe The Holy Land Trust, a group committed to reducing violence in Palestine and Israel, as a "pro-Hamas group." Well, the HLT is regularly supported by the US government through the National Endowment for Democracy. I realize that the federal government can be incompetent, but I don't really think that they are supporting pro-Hamas groups.

They also attack the above-mentioned website for having a link to "Inside Britain's Israel Lobby" without mentioning that it is a British television program produced by the BBC, an unlikely source of wild anti-semitism.

Again, let me emphasize that this is just a start in disinfecting the outrageous distortions and false statements in the Rubins' article. A more complete job, with supporting evidence, is given in the website of the Davis Peace Coalition, mentioned above.