Help discover the 'true facts'

by Judy Reynolds, February 4, 2010

According to an article in the Christian Science Monitor (Dec. 20, 2009), Israel "eased its blockade" of Gaza on Dec. 10 to allow flower farmers to "send their entire harvest " some 35 million roses, carnations and chrysanthemums " to markets in European countries for the first time since Hamas took over the territory in 2007."

This was "welcome news after a near-collapse of the industry over the past two years, during which farmers fed the flowers to their livestock." Gaza "boasts more than 100 flower farms and produces approximately 45 varieties, which are ranked No. 3 by Dutch flower growers in terms of quality."

This article would appear to contradict a claim made recently in a letter to the editor that Israel had left its greenhouses behind when it left Gaza, and that instead of producing export produce and flowers, the Gazans "destroyed the greenhouses, which would have provided employment and profits for them."

Although the term "true facts" is considered redundant, the emotionally charged nature of the Israeli/Palestinian issue calls upon us to check our "facts" and work together to make sure the facts we use in our discussions are "true." If an error of fact is made, we must be able to help each other seek out the truth without recriminations.

Are there factual errors in the brochure supporting the boycott movement? Bring forth the sources that would support this charge and work together to change the brochure. Discover the sources used to produce the brochure. This same procedure could be used for objections to the Davis Peace Coalition's Web site ( Once the "true" facts are established, we can better discuss how to bring peace to this area.