Would it be a Democracy?

by Claude Garrod, March 14, 2010

"JERUSALEM " Hours after Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. vowed unyielding American support for Israel's security here on Tuesday, Israel's Interior Ministry announced 1,600 new housing units for Jews in East Jerusalem." That's a direct quote from Wednesday's New York Times. Now, about twenty percent of the citizens of Isreal are non-Jews. I wonder how those people who talk about Israel being a democracy would feel if Obama announced that the US was building thousands of new homes for Christians in the US, a country in which 95% of the religious people are Christian, and that no Jews, Buddhists, or Muslims would be allowed to live in them. Would they consider the US a democracy? I know that I wouldn't. I guess that makes me an anti-Christian - possibly a Crucifixion-denier.

By the way, what should our Vice President do when our "best friend in the Middle East" spits in his face just to show the world who's boss? I guess, just wipe it off, say "That's not nice," and slink away, which is about what he did.

Claude Garrod, Davis